Although the monuments at Kinghorn and Newburgh feature fine sculptures their treatment was different with the rustic cairn and rock garden of the highland memorials replaced by a classical pedestal of dressed stone and a formal layout resulting in a very different effect.  It was when Carrick collaborated once again with the architect James B. Dunn for the Auchtermuchty memorial that some of the same feel and impact of the highland memorials was again created, and again this was through the use of a monumental language which was sympathetic to its architectural surroundings.  As with Kinghorn the Auchtermuchty memorial stands in the centre of the town and while a highland cairn would have been inapropriate the vocabulary of the mercat cross monument and also of the roadside shrine was adapted to create a fine memorial which is in harmony with its surroundings.



Its interesting that three of the four soldiers executed by Carrick wearing great coats are half scale figures.  Had Carrick portrayed these smaller figures in tunics with full pack and equipment  there is a risk that they may well have appeared diminutive or even toy like.  The great coat not only simplifies the lines of, and also fills out and lends mass to the figure but also, when combined with the columnar pose with head bowed and arms reversed with upturned collar, lend a gravitas and monumentality to these four foot figures which they might otherwise have lacked.