Although heavily involved in war memorial work in the early 1920's Carrick was commissioned by the Marqis of Bute for works on the 'Animal Wall' extension to Cardiff Castle, carving the 'Vulture', 'Leopard' and 'Kangaroo' in Cullacoe stone.  

It was one of the few animal sculptures carried out by Carrick.  In later years he seems to have worked on several projects, including the King's Buildings of Edinburgh Unversity, with his former student and lifelong friend Phylis Bone.  In these projects the animals were left to Bone, an artist with an international reputation as an animal sculptor (see 'Students').




vulture leopard2 kangaroo

Above - 'The Kangaroo' sadly the face has been smashed off but there have been recent moves to restore the sculpture.


Below - 'The Leopard' stealthy and ready to pounce.


Right - Ever photogenic 'The Vulture'


Photographs supplied and reproduced by kind permission of Anne Davies