Eilean Donan 3

When Carrick carved the fireplace for the Great Hall and many of the other pieces he executed for the restored castle including heraldic panels (above) and fonts he was clearly working within the constraints of creating something in harmony with its setting.  


Recently however a key was made ( the original having been lost long ago) for a door adjacent to the Great Hall which had remained locked and forgotten for many years.   Inside a beautiful small room was discovered with yet another fireplace.  It is clear that Carrick must have had a freer hand in this work which is unmistakably his and it is dated 1912.


Copyright of all photos taken in Eilean Donan belong to the castle, all photographs taken by kind courtesy of the owner.  My special thanks to Alex MacKay for his kind help and support in researching into Carrick's work at Eilean Donan.

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