In 1952 Carrick began his last artistic work, modelling busts of his grandchildren in the garden.  His old students learned of this and Carrick was deeply touched when George Mancini, who Carrick had encouraged in his ambition to set up a forge in Edinburgh, insisted in casting them in bronze for him.  Phyllis Bone wrote to the R.S.A. telling them of the busts and Carrick received an invitation to exhibit them at the 1954 exhibition, secretary Stanley Cursiter, another Orcadian and leading figure in Post-Impressionism in Scotland, wrote ' I will be glad to see you back on our pedestals!'  

GrandChildrenJanetJohn&CatrionaBronze GrandsonJohn1953

Right - Alexander Carrick modelling the bust of grandson John


Below - The three bronze busts of the grandchildren, two of which were exhibited at the R.S.A. Exhibition of 1954, the third being unfinished.


Both photographs supplied and re-produced by kind permission of John Scott.

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