Above - A family picnic with Carrick seated far right, and friend and painter David Alison second from left.  Carrick's commissions for war memorials allowed him to buy an old BSA Tourer which he enjoyed driving  and used to explor the Scottish Highlands and Borders.


Left - Carrick working on the bust of granddaughter Catriona, which was never finished.  This was the very last piece he ever did and it was cast in bronze by George Mancini.


Photographs supplied and reproduced by kind permission of John Scott.  

Copyright John Scott.


The Scottish Artist John McNairn and his wife Stella became neighbours of the Carricks when they moved to Midlem after the war.  McNairn featured in the 2009 BORDERLINES exhibition at Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh and for the exhibition catalogue Philip Long wrote that during this period it was Carrick "who fostered the McNairn's interest in Scottish architecture, furniture and craft."  Carrick had an interest in period furniture, on one occassion buying an old dresser in the Orkneys which was later donated by his daughters to the National Trust's New Town House in Edinburgh.

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