I have been interested in Scotland's war memorials for years and it was through my research into the subject that I first came to know the work of Alex Carrick.  As well as researching various archives I was lucky enough to meet Alex Carrick's daughters, Anne and Elizabeth, who were a great support and aid in my study.  Where possible I have tried to make it clear when I am quoting Anne or Elizabeth directly and I have also provided references to the various archives.  I have not, however, included academic notes as I wanted to make the site simple and accessible.  Some of the items may also seem to ramble on with seemingly irrelevant details and I may repeat myself on various pages.  I have assumed that most visitors to the site will only visit those pages that are of specific interest to them however and so I have tried to include as much relevant details as possible within each page.


The site often reflects my own opinions and I hope my enthusiasm for Carrick, but I have again tried to make it clear whenever I am expressing my own personal ideas.  I do not intend to present a serious academic discourse on the subject, and I'm not qualified to do so!  Frustration in the lack of information on Carrick, in libraries and on the internet, led me to create this site in the hope it might do something to redress the balance.


If any visitor requires more specific information or clarification regarding the source of any of this material then just email me and I'll be glad to help as far as I can.  


Jim McGinlay


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"Until the interest of an artist shifts from the personal sensation to a sense of communal service his work cannot grow.  As pure artist his work may be technically more perfect in the exploitation of the ego, but it cannot take on real greatness until it bears the burden of a people.'


Poet Willie Soutar, Perth, 9th August 1932


Right  - The Alison Portrait of Alexander Carrick.


Photographs supplied and reproduced by kind permission of John Scott.  

Copyright John Scott