Lochawe Memorial at the entrance to Saint Conan's Kirk.  This is the Carrick memorial which perhaps raises the most concern over its future.  At present the upper section of stone forming the soldier's torso and head has become displaced due to the powerful vibrations created by large tourist coaches which seem to regularly park on the roadside verge hard up against the monument and leave their engines running while tour guides give a talk on Saint Conan's while the passengers remain seated.  The trees behind the monument are also becoming a problem with branches beating against the back of the sculpture when the wind blows.  Allowing vegetation to surround a sculpture in this way can also lead to problems with sap and other deposits including increased bird droppings.

As if this isn't enough there have also been a number of traffic accidents occuring at this spot with at least one very near miss involving a lorry.


Above - the displacement of the upper section of stone forming the soldier's torso can be clearly seen at his arm and just below his webbing.  The rifle muzzle has been damaged by the movement.  The matter was reported to the local authority who's representative made an inspection in 2007 and claimed to find no sign of damage or displacement in the statue.