The figurative relief is sited appropriately above a well and would be viewed to advantage when reflected in the water, but unfortunately the lead lined trough has always been dry whenever I have visited.


Left - A relief carving above an external doorway in the courtyard.  Carrick and his men carried out various works throughout the church during its construction including the Angel figures at the West Door and high above the butresses at the East End.  Another unfortunate aspect to the lack of any Carrick diary is that by the 1930's Carrick, as he was getting older, would presumably have employed his students such as Scott Sutherland and Hew Lorimer as assistants at his yard and they might well have been invoved in some of these works. Writing of Carrick's Christ in an excellent essay on Hew Lorimer Duncan MacMillan wrote that 'In treatment, it recalls Eric Gill's Westminster Stations of the Cross.



The Reid Memorial Church was constructed 1931-1932


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