Perhaps there is also the possibility that Carrick was again playing on a pun (see Killin).  In law the allegorical figure of Justice is traditionally portrayed with sword and scales.  In a time of war however the rule of law is often swept aside  and the Fraserburgh 'Justice' has given her sword over to the warrior.  Although she is not portrayed with her traditional scales, scale itself has become the central feature of the composition.


Carrick was a true monumental sculptor and was responsible for many important Scottish war memorials.  Yet Carrick still managed to put so much into each monument which was a unique work of art in its own right.  Among his business papers in Edinburgh is a letter to the Fraserburgh committee dated 8th November 1922 in which he states


" I have spent a long time on this work and am doing my utmost to make a memorial worthy of the confidence your committee have placed in me, in fact I am putting my heart into it."