Throughout this period of the 1920's when Carrick was heavily involved in the conception, design and execution of prestigious war memorials his yard was also carrying out minor works and installations for other architects and sculptors throughout Scotland.  Carrick executed the bronze work including the wreath for the Jedburgh war memorial.


Left - He designed and executed this fine brass memorial panel for Morningside Parish Church, Edinburgh.


Above - Apparently Carrick executed this memorial for Balmaghie Parish Church to the design of the famous Kirkcudbright artist E.A. Hornel  

(this photograph supplied and reproduced by kind permission of Christine Murray)

although he also executed a memorial panel for Crookston School in East Lothian which is very similar.

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The Squad.

In 1936 Carrick moved from his old yard behind Edinburgh's Haymarket Station to a new site at 125 Fountainbridge.  As mentioned in the 'Forres' page one of his men was Jock Souter.  During this move his business papers show his squad to have included Alex Munro, A. Russell, James Orr, James Gibson and Thomas E. Gibson who was deaf and dumb and made do with reading and writing notes when dealing with customers.  Anne Scott told me that Carrick's men were well known and much liked at the R.S.A. where they always made their presence felt while delivering and setting up exhibits for the annual exhibitions.