In 1935 Carrick was commissioned to carve a beautifully proportioned 'Tree of Life' (Lignum Vitae) style celtic cross for the grave of Marjorie Loris Tennyson MacMillan at Brookwood Cemetery (formerly the London Necropolis) at Woking.  Interestingly this is listed in the Brookwood archives as a Kemnay Granite monument.  Carrick never carved in granite and if this is true then it is possible the he modelled the cross and it may then have been carved by one of his masons at the yard, or perhaps one of his students such as Hew Lorimer who became famous for his granite carving.  By 1935 as he grew older, Carrick may have been finding stone carving heavy going.  Perhaps further sources may become available in the future to shed more light on this.


The cross seems to be based on a type with circular head found in Ireland and the west coast of Scotland.  Among his business papers in Edinburgh in 1935 a letter confirms that he obtained photographs of the Kilchonan and Kilmory crosses.  The influence of the Kilchonan cross is clear.


Special thanks to John Clarke for all of his painstaking work in identifying this memorial.

Photograph supplied and reproduced by kind permission of John Clarke