Above -  Walkerburn war memorial in the Scottish Borders, previous page is the Blairgowrie war memorial.  A very similar half scale figure of an infantryman, head bowed and arms reversed, were used on both memorials.  In recent years the Walkerburn soldier was actually stolen but was later recovered, but only after another copy had already been made from the similar Blairgowrie & Rattray soldier.  There are now two bronze soldiers the original now standing in a garden of remembrance nearby.  Carrick did occassionally copy figures provided they were not site specific and that the memorials were sufficiently far from one another to ensure their remaining a distinct part of their communities.  The Walkerburn memorial is of grey Creetown granite and again the architect was James B. Dunn.


Its interesting that three of the four soldiers executed by Carrick wearing great coats are half scale figures.  Had Carrick portrayed these smaller figures in tunics with full pack and equipment  there is a risk that they may well have appeared diminutive or even toy like.  The great coat not only simplifies the lines of and also fills out the figure but also, when combined with the pose of head bowed and arms reversed with upturned collar, lend a gravitas and monumentality to these four foot figures.





Right - my photograph taken in 1991 showing the original soldier in his proper place on the memorial before he was stolen.



Walkerburn war memorial, unveiled