Left  - T.J. Clapperton's 'Robert the Bruce' in Lorimer's gothic niche on the left of the gateway.



Right - a newspaper clipping with Carrick's competition entry, the original maquette of Wallace in James B. Dunn's niche which appears to have been based on the archway.

After the result of the competition was announced Carrick's good friend the Glasgow sculptor Alexander Proudfoot sent a telegram to him which read:









Left - Carrick's William Wallace, Edinburgh Castle -

Again perhaps Carrick's design for the Wallace may also be based on wordplay as at Killin and Fraserburgh...the meaning of the words 'Wallace' and 'Wall' become intemixed.


According to legend the King of Sparta Leonidas was conducting a visitor to the city.  Sparta was the only Greek city to have no defensive walls and when the visitor saw this he was shocked and asked the king how a city can be defended without walls Leonidas simply replied that every Spartan citizen was a stone and that they were Sparta's walls.  

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